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I have four children and three grandchildren. I was married to the late John "Jack" Devaney, a Watertown Firefighter, U.S. Marine, who supported me in everything I pursued. Working together, without personal financial resources. I began as a freshman in college with four children and a great, supportive husband (ABA - Middlesex Community College, BS - Suffolk University, Masters - Boston State College.)

  • I served as youngest Watertown Town Meeting member and when changed to a City; elected as Watertown"s Councillor-at-large; served on various local and State Committees; most rewarding as Member of the Commission on Disabilities for twenty-two years. I am now completing my seventh, two year term on the Governor's Council.

  • I come from a family who overcame prejudice and discrimination and that is why from my experience - it makes me a strong proponent of diversity. My Dad was an Italian Immigrant from Sicily. In those old days in Watertown there were no anti-discrimination laws - no Italian was allowed to work in Watertown.

  • When my Dad was a young man just trying to support himself - He was forced to give up his heritage-pretend he wasn't Italian - and was forced to go to court and change his name from Petitto to Peters.

  • My Mother's brother - Sandy DeNucci always dreamed of being a firefighter - but sadly could never be a Watertown Firefighter- When he applied - he was told - There never would be a "g word" on the Fire department.

  • It always hurt to see my Dad's gravestone at the cemetery with a name he made up. Thirty years ago I went to court and got my Dad's name back - Petitto is my legal middle name. I experienced prejudice as well. I believe in Diversity!

  • I was proud to join my cousin Joe DeNucci in the State House. I miss him. He was a great Representative and State Auditor. Joe and I shared the same philosophy - "to be the Voice for those we represent."

  • Joe's Dad was a janitor at the Newton Y - My Dad went to the eighth grade- so there were no silver spoons in our family.

  • Now I am going through a campaign- being attacked publicly and in writing -with slanderous untrue statements, lies, specious remarks - smearing my proud voting record - without the true facts. When I have voted no - I can document why - I won't vote for someone based just on being a political appointment, or just on gender, ethnicity etc Please call me anytime at (617) 840-7689. I welcome your call anytime. I have been honored to represent you these past years and I want to continue to work for you.

    Thank you,

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Promises Made, Promises Kept

Five Examples of Marilyn's Achievements
  • Stopped the long-time past practice of Governor’s Councillors accepting monies from the nominees who they were voting on – *right up to their hearing (*Applies also to Governor and Lieutenant Governor) Nominees are prohibited (upon applying) - included in all Governor’s Executive orders.
    **Successfully won support of former governors to the present to include in their executive orders

  • Only Councillor who meets (3-4 hours) with every nominee for every position - judge, clerk magistrate, Industrial Accident Board, Appellate Tax Board, Parole Board, etc.

  • Successfully changed the membership makeup of Parole Board who had not been in compliance for thirty years.
    ** Now we have a member who identifies inmates’ mental issues, learning problems, addictions etc. to prepare for a successful reentry into society.

  • Demanded that the Governor provide the Governor’s Council with the Judicial Nominating Commission questionnaire of the nominees they are voting on.
    ** Prior years– only the 21 lawyers appointed by the Governor to the Judicial Nominating Commission were provided with the questionnaires.

  • Established the First Governor’s Council Public Website for citizens.
    ** Provides - 8 Councillor’s districts, and information, responsibilities of the Council, the boards and commission voted by the council with descriptions, list of nominee/nominees presented to the Council by the Governor with date and time of the nominee’s council hearing –inviting the public to attend.

  • Has nominees and witnesses sworn in at Governor’s Council hearings


1.) Thank you Superintendent Evans for an outstanding job protecting the people. Continued success at BC
2.) Thanking my friend Congress woman Tsongas for her service and wishing her a healthy Happy retirement!
3.) Giving Congress Kennedy his Dad’s political brochure For Congress - (brochure over 30 years old ) - when I campaigned for his Dad.
4.) Wishing my good friend Senator Donoghue congratulations on her new position as Lowell city manager - I will miss her!
5.) Joining with Teachers Against separation of children
6.) With Senator Markey at Boston city hall against separation of children
7.) Senator Markey - pride parade
8.) At Roosevelt Dinner honoring Congressman Joseph Kennedy
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