Dear Friends,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each of the 52,781 people who voted for me for reelection as your Governor’s Councillor in the state primary.

I am so grateful that you believe in me - and didn’t believe the lies and specious attacks on me.

Thank you for putting my sign on your lawn - standing out for me - or saying a kind word about me along the way - I am grateful.

My campaign took the high road based on my proven record and reforms I have made on the Governor’s Council.

I am honored to work for you as your Governor’s Council.

I am proud to be your voice on the council.

Please continue to call - my cell (617)840-7689 state house (617) 725- 4015 x3

I welcome your call.

With my heartfelt thank you,

Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney

Your Governor’s Councillor

The Devaney Committee is asking your help for Marilyn to help reduce her large deficit from her campaign.

Marilyn for 20 years basically self funds her campaigns through personal loans with few donations.

She is dedicated to serve.

She always has an opponent.

Her opponent, a rich lawyer raised $220,000 in contributions , mainly from lawyers.

Whatever you can give is greatly appreciated to reduce her large deficit.

Marilyn’s district is bigger than a congressional district from Ayer to Back Bay.

Please send your check to:
Devaney Committee
98 Westminster Avenue
Watertown MA 02472


I made a pledge to you to make reforms on the Council and I kept my promise.

Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney
Governor's Council


Duties of the Governor's Council

  • Vote on Judges
  • Clerk Magistrates
  • Parole Board
  • Industrial Accident Board- for Injured workers
  • Appellate Tax Board- Where you can appeal your local taxes
  • Notaries
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Weekly warrant of all state expenditures incurred in that week

Who Chooses Judges?

  • Governor’s Council does not choose judges
  • The Governor appoints 21 lawyers to the Judicial Nominating Commission
  • (JNC) these 21 lawyers receive applications from applicants for available court positions for judges and clerk magistrates.
  • They interview and choose one person for that particular court vacancy and recommend to the governor to nominate.
  • The Governor presents to the Governor’s Council only one person for that court appointment. The Council only has the ability to vote yes or no on that one appointment. The council is not allowed to know who applied or how many.
  • A majority vote is needed by the Governor’s council to appoint that nominee to a judgeship or clerk magistrate position.
  • The Governor’s Council holds a public hearing on that nominee as well as hearings on all boards and commission members.

How I Represent You

  • ONLY full time Councillor -with 100% attendance at hearings and meetings
  • Only Councillor who meets with every judicial nominee from Parole Board to Judge (19 years)
  • 100% attendance at hearings and meeting
  • Does not accept travel expenses
  • Not a Rubber Stamp- vote honest, and must be qualified
  • Have a proven voting record for diversity and women
  • Not a Lawyer – By law a lawyer who is an elected Governor’s Councillor is allowed to appear before the judge he/she has voted on
  • Attend Parole Board meetings to observe how they are conducted
  • Testify in State House on legislature- i.e. Criminal Reform, -against Minimum maximum sentencing

Marilyn - is known for her dedicated commitment to Unions - standing with Senator Warren and Union workers. Marilyn is endorsed by NAGE, Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts, Boston Carmen Union, Newton Carpenters and many others.

Community Involvement

  • Member and Executive Board Member - of the American Legion Post #440 Newton - Ladies Auxiliary
  • Member of Women in leadership for Shared Parenting
  • We the People (Corporations are not People)
  • Newton League of Women Voters
  • Progressive Watertown
  • Lobby against Privatization
  • Support Public Education
  • Past member - 22 years on Commission on Disabilities (received award for Advocacy for People with Disabilities.)
  • Elected Watertown Councillor-at-large (received Watchdog Award from Community Group)

Vote For Us


Why Vote For Marilyn?


  • Stopped the long-time past practice of Governor’s Councillors accepting monies from the nominees who they were voting on – *right up to their hearing (*Applies also to Governor and Lieutenant Governor) Nominees are prohibited (upon applying) - included in all Governor’s Executive orders.
    **Successfully won support of former governors to the present to include in their executive orders

  • Only Councillor who meets (3-4 hours) with every nominee for every position - judge, clerk magistrate, Industrial Accident Board, Appellate Tax Board, Parole Board, etc.

  • Successfully changed the membership makeup of Parole Board who had not been in compliance for thirty years.
    ** Now we have a member who identifies inmates’ mental issues, learning problems, addictions etc. to prepare for a successful reentry into society.

  • Demanded that the Governor provide the Governor’s Council with the Judicial Nominating Commission questionnaire of the nominees they are voting on.
    ** Prior years– only the 21 lawyers appointed by the Governor to the Judicial Nominating Commission were provided with the questionnaires.

  • Established the First Governor’s Council Public Website for citizens.
    ** Provides - 8 Councillor’s districts, and information, responsibilities of the Council, the boards and commission voted by the council with descriptions, list of nominee/nominees presented to the Council by the Governor with date and time of the nominee’s council hearing –inviting the public to attend.

  • Has nominees and witnesses sworn in at Governor’s Council hearings

Keep Marilyn Working For Us!

A leader who gives time and talents to help fulfill the mission of Governor's Council.

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  • ONLY full time Councillor -with 100% attendance at hearings and meetings
  • Only Councillor who meets with every judicial nominee from Parole Board to Judge(18 years)
  • 100% attendance at hearings and meeting
  • I do not accept travel expenses -people I represent do not get paid to drive to work.
  • Not a rubber stamp- Nominee must be qualified
  • Have a proven voting record for diversity and women.
  • Marilyn's -Not a lawyer -By Law- Lawyers who are elected Governor's Councillors can appear before Judges they have voted on.
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Vote on Judges, Clerk magistrates, Parole Board, Industrial Accident Board; Appellate Tax Board, Industrial Accident Advisory Board; Pardons, Commutations, Justices of the Peace; Notaries, Public Administrators, oversees Veterans; and votes weekly warrant of state expenditures.
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Some people who campaign for Governor's Councillor either deliberately or mistakenly describe the position to voters - that it is the Governor's Councillors who select attorneys to become judges. THAT IS FALSE. The Council only votes after the JNC recommends and the Governor makes his formal nomination. The Governor appoints a 21 member board of lawyers (Judicial Nominating Commission) JNC who are given the authority to choose - who to interview for judges and clerk magistrates- and who to recommend to the Governor. The Governor presents only that one nominee to the Governor's Council. The Governor's Councillors only have the ability to vote yes or no on this one nominee. (Councillors are not given the names of who applied or how many applied.)
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